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ShieldBreaking News

Theater Director Jason Zembuch-Young Featured on NBC6 News

Sept. 11, 2019- SPHS Theater Director Jason Zembuch-Young was featured on NBC6 News "Making A Difference" segment. We are so proud of this man and all he does for these kids and our community. As always, thank you for your support of this man and this program. It changes lives. It really does.



Welcome Incoming FOTT Board of Directors!

The South Plantation High School Friends of the Theater welcomes the incoming Board of Directors for the upcoming 2019-2020 year!We LOVE Our Volunteers

  • Aleksandra Kmiec - President
  • Molly Howson - Vice President
  • Vanessa Jimenez - Secretary
  • Robin Case - Treasurer
  • Leigh Anne Gioia - Fundraising Chair
  • Honey Dietrich- Concessions Oversight

Thank you, all of you, for your willingness to step up and volunteer to make the theater experience the best it can be for our children!


Director Jason Zembuchi awarded 2019 Applaud My Teacher Excellence in Education Tony Award Honorable Mention. 



American Theatre Wing LogoAmerican Theatre Wing/ Andrew Lloyd Webber Grant

Through the generosity of the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, the American Theatre Wing has invested a three-year grant of $1.3 Million to pilot and establish the Andrew Lloyd Webber Initiative, which helps under-served, diverse students overcome barriers to pursuing a career in theatre. The Initiative provides public school drama teachers with the resources they need to nurture young talent in their schools, and gives training and university scholarships to underserved students, especially those from groups that are underrepresented in the theatre industry.

In 2018, South Plantation High School was fortunate to receive a grant that covered the cost of new mobile mirrors for our dance theater program. Here is a video of the announcement.



It's very important that we make this clear as it has come to our attention that, despite Director Jason Zembuch's request to football parent volunteers that they specifically ask whether a guest is visiting the school for the football game or one of our productions (currently The Crucible) so as to determine if they should collect a parking fee, these volunteers have not be doing that and in fact, one particular football parent volunteer told Director Zembuch that she was NOT going to do that because they need to raise $7k for uniforms!

This parent clearly had no consideration of the fact that our production of The Crucible costs money to produce too. In fact, we are in the hole nearly $8, we make back through ticket sales, playbill advertising, concessions and our own fundraisers. What we do not do is charge for parking and we do not expect our theater patrons to pay for parking to support the football program.

So please be aware....if you are attending a show and it happens to coincide with a football game, make sure you tell any football parent volunteer that asks you for a parking fee that you are there for a Paladin Playhouse theater production and that the Paladin Playhouse never charges a parking fee.

Keep Calm and Learn Sign LanguageTheater For The Deaf Style at South Plantation High School

You may not be aware but South Plantation High School is recognized as the only cluster school in the Broward School District for the deaf and hard of hearing. Because of this unique status, theater program director Jason Zembuch chooses to direct all productions in a style known as "Theater For The Deaf" with all mainstage productions being performed in both voice and sign language. Come to a show and experience a "Theater For The Deaf" production for yourself and discover the beauty of a performance in both voice and sign language!

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